Hi, Gen-Y.,

If I know you, the pages of your life-story are turning quickly. Decisions and commitments have been made. Responsibilities have increased. Time has been invested – at work, at home, in life.

And, now what?

The Quarter-Life Crisis. Your solid gold dreams – vivid and real until recently – begin fading into fleeting wishes. You begin to question your choices. The chapters of your future seem to meander toward nothing but more of the same. You’re having FOMO about the life you should be, or could be living. All of a sudden, you feel lost.

Right? Wrong.

How about this for a Plot Twist?

There is no such thing as a Quarter-Life Crisis.

You. Are. Not. Lost.

Let me repeat!


Want to know a secret? You get to choose your life. If you feel like you’re heading into the directionless mess that is Crisis City, YOU get to make a radical change – one that will radically change your story’s outcome.

Because here is what the not-lost-soul inside you knows to be true:

You Are Heard: You have a progressive voice that means something.

You Matter: You have skills the world wants, and gifts the world needs.

You Deserve the Life You Desire: Getting what you want is not selfish. Getting what you want happens when your passion meets your purpose. It happens when your wants serve a need. It happens what you stop knowing what you ought to do, and start doing what you ought to do. It doesn’t happen when you want more. It happens when you want better…and do more.

Together, you and I can transform the life-stories of Generation Y(ou).

Let’s do everything we can to evade that “Quarter Life Crisis” – one plot twist at a time.

The way I see it? This is not our choice. This is our responsibility.