I’d like to think I showed promise as a potential future Life Coach right around my sixth birthday — in the passenger’s seat of my family’s red sedan. During a sunshiny summer drive (after my dad had just finished blaring Jethro Tull’s Life’s a Long Song), I peered pensively out the window before concluding:

”Life really is a long song, isn’t it, Dad?”

A bit shy as a youngster, I spent countless hours in a homemade classroom in my basement, teaching imaginary students the lessons I’d learned in school. My slowly-evolving spunkiness produced an adolescent who was quite curious and energetic, and I began to balance my time between writing detailed letters to my diary, offering advice to anyone who’d listen, and channeling my gift for gab into Speech Team competitions. I was an oddly consistent blend of (socially) extroverted and (privately) introspective, which seemed to perfectly foreshadow my future as both a bubbly Life Coach and a quiet writer.

Along the way, there was no life lesson from which I was spared. I mentally noted every heartbreak, every celebration, every letdown, and every win, wondering why life continued to deliver lesson after lesson…but neglected to hand me the manual for how to make sense of them. It eventually occurred to me that the life manual was life itself – and that really talking about life could produce validating relationships, relatable stories, and conversations that could change the whole world, person by person.

So, I went on to college (well, three of them), where I studied writing, business and coaching, respectively. I then embarked on my first “real” job, which I promptly and happily quit after signing my first coaching client on the eve of my 25th birthday.

I have now spent the better part of a decade building and refining my own private practice, where I serve as a Life Coach, Writer, and GenY personal development expert. I have enabled myriad people to move from doubt to direction by implementing a unique “Plot Twist” approach, which puts a client in charge of his or her own life. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, speaking engagements, and contributions to the media, I find deep joy in piecing together all the small pictures that form the intricate mosaics of my clients’ lives.

My advice and lifestyle essays have been featured in Teen Vogue, The List, SheKnows, Glossed+Found, Elite Daily, and most recently, The Huffington Post.

I currently reside downtown Chicago with my husband, where you can find me blasting Broadway showtunes, tweeting to Gloria Estefan, and of course, writing.  

My Chicken Soup for the Soul debut will be released in early 2018.

I still believe that life is a long song.