Thank you for your help over the last months; I know there has been huge growth on my part. I will forever be a better person because of your work with me.
-CV; Denver, CO

I approached Bridget in search of coaching due to some difficulty I had been experiencing in a personal relationship. The coaching that Bridget delivered first helped calm my fears and soon thereafter enabled me to begin the healing process of my relationship woes. I am indebted to Bridget for her incredible work. I cannot thank her enough.
-CS; Chicago, IL

Bridget and I began coaching during one of the hardest times in my life. I was going through difficulty at work which hit me on a personal level. Bridget’s coaching empowered me to find the light and push toward it. Her powerful questions and intuition unlocked passion and excitement which gave me the courage to undergo a complete and powerful career (and ultimately life) shift. She was the catalyst for change and I’m so appreciative of her gift.
-KJ; Houston, TX

Bridget has been coaching me for a long time. Although she is an excellent coach, I often feel like we are simply conversing. She has a way of making me feel so comfortable talking to her about anything and gives advice in such a positive, constructive way. Leading up to my marriage, Bridget got me through the challenges relating to engagement/in-laws/cohabitating and all the changes associated. She is truly gifted in being able to relate to anyone, and everyone could benefit from her effervescent and wise counsel.
-CK; Chicago, IL

Bridget’s genuine and comforting nature allowed us to connect instantly – once I was comfortable, I was able to be honest and my own truths began pouring right out. She was able to harness that information, turn it into something of value and provide tools for introspection. I now remind myself of my sessions with Bridget when I have moments of self that require reflection. Bridget is a natural, and I’ve found her to be one of the first “professionals” in the business who’ve made an impact on my personal growth. Happiness is a journey and a choice — Bridget will help you along.
-MK; Chicago, IL

When I walked into my session with Bridget I knew there was something in my personal and professional life that just wasn’t connecting. Not that I had some fundamental problem, but there was this lurking disconnection I could not articulate or pinpoint. Through her kind and insightful guiding questions and observations I came to realize that my issue was not pinpointing my struggle (because deep down I knew what it was), but allowing myself to admit what was at the center. Bridget gave me a supportive hand to hold as I forced myself to reflect and connect with my true self, my strengths and my potential. Without the time I spent with Bridget I know I would still be stuck in that place.
-CF; St. Louis, MO

If you feel lost or uncertain about a certain aspect of your life, Bridget can help you discover what it is you need to do to get to a better place, right now.
-KL; Indianapolis, IN

Bridget has the ability to reach the most guarded heart with her wisdom and love for life! Her words and coaching have given me the hope to believe in my life again.
-AC; Chicago, IL

I had a seemingly pretty big problem (at least to me). I called Bridget ; she listened and offered coaching. Afterwards, I took action. Boom! Problem was solved: no problem, no hurt feelings, no nonsense, and no lack of kindness. Bridget, you are a genius. Thank you so much.
-ST; Tampa, FL